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Blue Gray Hat


You're head is not complete without our hat! Whether you live in Portland or just want a souvenir that's not the same one as everyone else got, put Cronen Building Co on your head! Be comfortable and protect your head from the weather. 

- Blue Grey Heavy Chino with White Mesh Back
- Low Profile
- Adjustable Velcro Closure. 

We wear our hats all day on the job, the velcro closure is made of soft cloth which is more comfortable than the plastic closures. Low profile is handy for working in tight spots (while still keeping sawdust, dust, insulation and other debris out of our hair*) Of course, hats help keep the sun out of our eyes. While the hats are not waterproof I love wearing my hat under the hood of my rain coat to avoid that mummy look, keep the hood out of my field of vision and help avoid that claustrophobic hood feel. Of course we are proud of being from Portland so we got Portland, OR and our cool logo on em. Imported

*some of our crew do not have hair and hats protect their dome :)

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