Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory Building Unit's (ADU) are compact, self contained homes that can be built on the same lot as your existing single family hame. Also known as Granny Flats, Backyard Cottage's or Garage Apartments, an ADU can provide additional and affordable living spaces to your current home without changing the texture or feeling of you're beautiful Portland neighborhood. ADU's create a private and comfortable living area for out of town friends and family to stay. ADU's can help you accommodate a growing family or give you independent housing for aging family members. Many people will choose to get additional income by creating a long or short term rental unit. An ADU can be created through  a garage conversion, updating an attic or basement space, an attached addition or a new attached addition. 

Cronen Building Co. is dedicated to keeping Portland's unique neighborhood styles in tact. We have the experience, attention to detail and crew of highly skilled craftsmen that can get an ADU built for you that not only meets you're needs but will provide housing you love and be proud of as long as you own the home! 

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