Mt Baker Bowl Set


Mount Baker bowl set, 8" wide x 2.5" deep. Put some functional art in you're home!

We are excited to offer the pottery of Washington state native Mike Cummins. Mike has been creating pottery for many years in Olympia Washington. Not only does Mike create beautiful bowls but he has done public installations across Washington, from creating artistic tiles in the sidewalks of Olympia to tiles in the skatepark in Glacier, Washington. Mike loves his craft so much he's been known to smash any pieces that do not meet his high personal standards. Mike does not sell on the internet so you can seek him out and get some of his pottery in person, which I recommend because he is a great guy. If you don't have time to find Mike and want to save some gas money (not too mention he does not have a store or website), we are proud to offer some of his work. We have done the legwork for you.

Each item is unique. Even "sets" vary from piece to piece. 

If you can meet us in SE Portland, shipping costs can be waived. Shipping costs will vary for international orders

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